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Staff & Volunteers - Adaptive Sports, Rochester NY

Program Director and Coach: Ryan Chalmers

Ryan began with the Rochester Rookies at eight years of age. He has competed in Local, Regional, National and International Competitions. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, where he participated in Track and Basketball.  Ryan was a member of TEAM USA in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, England.  Ryan brings a background of Program Development and Sport Management. He's excited to be back with the team as the Program Director and Coach.

Head Coach: Gregg Chalmers

Gregg has coached the Rochester Rookies for the past 20 years. He challenges the athletes to give their best, encourages independence, and promotes self-regard. He has traveled with junior teams nationally and has led TEAM USA in several international competitions.

Coach & National Team Leader: Kristin Marcott 

Kristin has coached the Rochester Rookies since 2008 and travels with the "Rochester Rookies National Team" as Team Leader and Coach. Kristin brings her energy and enthusiasm to every practice and keeps the team focused on positivity and continuous improvement.

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chris Stavisky, OT

Chris has over ten years experience coaching the Rochester Rookies. He blends his knowledge of strength and conditioning with his passion for coaching. Chris strives to develop confident and capable athletes by providing them the tools to be physically fit and ready for practice and competition. Chris is a Licensed Occupational Therapist and a PhD candidate in Education and Human Development.

Our staff and volunteers give many hours of personal time to support the program and to inspire, motivate and encourage the athletes for personal improvement. This group of positive role models are passionate about the program and the success of everyone involved.

Volunteers include college students studying Adaptive Physical Education, Physical Therapy, and Medicine. - Adaptive Sports, Rochester NY

Adaptive Sports, Rochester NY www.TheRochesterRookies.Org

Adaptive Sports, Rochester NY www.TheRochesterRookies.Org