Join us for Practice & Team Meeting this Saturday, September 21st, at 10:00 am!

About Us


Our Mission

The Rochester Rookies is a wheelchair and ambulatory sports program dedicated to enhancing the quality of lives by teaching athletic skills, fostering independence, building character and helping families realize their child's full potential through programs, advocacy and services.

The program seeks to provide individuals the opportunity to engage in physical fitness activities and socialization.


Our Objective

  • Provide socialization opportunities and self-reliance
  • Build character and self-confidence
  • Encourage sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Promote communication skills and problem solving
  • Network families and volunteers, enhancing a support system
  • Provide opportunities for physical fitness
  • Provide socialization opportunities


Do you know of a potential athlete?

All you need to do is contact us, and we'll let you know when we're holding the next practice, event or demonstration.

All athletes have a physical disability, which qualifies them within the Paralympic Sport Movement and Adaptive Sports USA. There are four groups of athletes with physical disabilities commonly found within the movement:

  • Athletes who use wheelchairs
  • Athletes with Visual Impairments & blindness
  • Athletes who are amputees
  • Athletes with cerebral palsy and neurological impairment

All ages and abilities are welcome. We provide equipment and source opportunities to offset costs.

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Athlete and Family Comments

Ryan C. - Churchville, NY


"I've been a Rochester Rookie at heart, since the age of eight. I loved being an athlete on the team and couldn't be more excited about being back with the team, coaching our next generation of athletes."

Liz K. — Macedon, New York


"This is something my son does to be healthy, and he loves it. We've seen an increase in his self-confidence and pride, as a result of his participation on the team. He loves to compete and this gives him the opportunity."

Luke S. - Pifford, New York


"Practice can be tiring, however, it's worth it.  I got to run with my high school track team and compete as a Rochester Rookie. It was challenging and fun."

Robin S. - Penn Yan, New York


"My son has experienced a lot of growth and development from his experience with the Rochester Rookies. He's attentive, follows direction and enjoys being around his teammates. We're happy we had the opportunity to start him at such a young age."

Chase M. - Victor, New York


 "I started the Rookies when I was only 5 years old and so glad I did!  I wouldn't have met the people I have or gone the places I went if it weren't for this program. I'm so thankful for the Rochester Rookies."

Amanda M. - Hilton, New York


 "Before the team, I really was shy and was afraid to do a lot of things, because I just didn't know what I could and couldn't do.  This team has definitely helped my confidence and, like I wrote on my homework assignment, "there's nothing I can't do". The Rookies showed me that anything is possible."